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Art Therapy and More

Creative expression is connected to the inner feeling of the human being.

Through the creative act the person involved, meets his/her own internal reality to know, accepting and transforming it.

The creative products made by the participants during the workshops, are the main tool for the relationships with themselves and with the others. For this reason, the works created are not evaluated aesthetically; what counts is the act of creating itself; that is the projection of inner resources in the external world.

The creation of a cosy, restrained and judgment-free environment makes it possible to share the creative experience among the participants.



Art therapy is a discipline that makes use of a set of methods (painting, sculpture, music, theatre, dance, etc.) that tap into the non-verbal, corporeal and creative heritage, which are always present in each of us.

Neither technical nor artistic preparation is required to Art Therapy.


The materials, the creative process and the image produced act as a vehicle and as a container for experiences and affections, thus allowing a greater sense of emotional control.

Claudia Cantone - confernza sul metodo di crazione attraverso moduli di arteterapia
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