Hokey Pokey  - workshop






"Hokey Pokey" is a seminar conceived by Claudia Cantone as unique and extraordinary pedagogical formula, as a result of different methodological strategies that it has been able to do in recent years experiment (meditations, art therapy, Jango's comic formulas Edwards, the Bataclown game structures).


The goal of this course is to recover one's freedom and the pleasure of playing through fun and play and of learn the structures of the clown game. Participants will learn about the archetypes and structures of the game clown (white and august clown, the triamese and siamese, the structures complicity and contrast) through art therapy sessions and improvisations. In this way it will be possible to create the "material of game "from one's own imagination and acquire clearly e facilitates the tools of clown language. Are you ready to play? You are the game!


Warm-up exercises, meditations, experiential exercises, introduction on play structures and clown archetypes, improvisations and an art therapy laboratory through which to create his own white and august. 

Bring clothing, even old or unused. Among all components must find 2 pants, skirts, pajamas, and jackets similar hats. That is for example: two checkered skirts even if the color is different, two cowboy hats also of different color, two pajamas or dressing gowns the same or similar etc ... This is because 'in the improvisations participants can disguise themselves with clothing similar or the same in order to play the structures of complicity ' (similar clothes) or the Siamese (similar clothes). The use of loose fitting clothing and comfortable non-slip socks is recommended to wear the red nose with elastic.


N.B.: It is mandatory to have coloured Bristol cards 50x60 (the choice of colours is free and personal), scissors, branches, leaves and glue.. It is also mandatory to bring a towel and a red nose for each participant. The use of loose clothing and comfortable anti-slip socks is recommended.

​N.B.: Wear comfortable clothes and slipper socks. Bring towel and a red nose.


Duration three days - 6 hours per day for a total of 18 hours.

Online duration: 4 meeting (4 hour each meeting).

Maximum number of participants: 15


A clean, well-lit room with smooth floor surface, ideally wooden or tiled. 12m x 10m is the minimal room size dimensions required.

An audio sound system, appropriate to the dimensions of the space to which it is possible to connect computer or tablet.

One mirror of minimum dimensions: 40x60.

A Table and 15 chairs.