Clown Show


In “Zero Zero Clown” Claudia Cantone plays the role of a secret agent who has to save the world from a terrible threat. The show features a succession of odd, silly and strange characters: from an unlucky opera singer to the chief of the Intelligence Agency for the Global Security and to a virtuous (and repressed) preacher who wants to save sinners from the “frenzy of sex”; up to the Death in flesh and… I mean… in bones and bones! If you are a curious spectator, who enjoys original gags, "Zero Zero Clown" is the performance for you.  In addition, remember… the destiny of all of us is in the hands of Zero Zero Clown, she needs our help! Come and support her and most of all … have fun!​

“Zero Zero CLOWN” is a 75 minutes show with no interval. 

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“The Secret Annexe" is a clown show based on The Diary of Anne Frank. This world-famous, tragic story is told without words by a very poetic clown character. The events, even the most horrible, are performed with the gentleness and innocence of a child or, in this case, of a clown.

Universal issues like diversity, forced loneliness, the discovery of one’s own personality shape the story and  illustrate how one can use creativity and humour as a surprising tool to survive extreme situations.  A connection between the past and present is made. The story reminds us that what happened in World War II could happen again at any time and are happening right now.  The show is a daring, successful experiment and a sensitive, profound piece.

“The Secret Annexe” is a 75 minutes show with no interval.


Yaya, a tender and a little crazy clown, was happy in the Moon, the place where we all lived before coming to Earth. She felt as if she was in heaven, but one day she heard the call of her mother, so she decided to be born. During the journey, she lost her blue nose.

Therefore, Yaya, asks the Moon for help to search for what she missed, until she discovered herself and that the most important thing is the love for life.

This is the funny, poetic and touching story of a transformation, it is a metaphor of the change, and growth that often (or always?) characterizes the life of a human being.  

“YAYA IN THE MOON” is a clown-mime show about 75 minutes long, with few words and many actions.