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The Garden of Smiles - workshop







The innocence of  the Clown"


"The Garden of Smiles" is a course for all those wishing to awaken the most childish and instinctive side of themselves, through the mask of the Clown.


The" Garden of Smiles ", symbolically represents the inner universe of the Clown who is not a

non-character and does not act. The Clown is a child-poet who "lives" in a "state of pure innocence". Reaching this state requires a continuous investigation that, fortunately, lasts a lifetime.


The dimension of play, entertainment and fantasy will help us to achieve this "state of innocence" and to manifest our emotions without the filter of our judgment.


It is about accepting and showing what is happening within us with honesty and humility, to transform it into precious and enjoyable game materials.


Accepting our emotions and integrating all our parts, is the beginning of a journey of reconciliation with ourselves and with others, that allows us to understand life in a lighter and more courageous way, even in defeats. We will put everything at the service of the game, to get to the final goal: laugh at ourselves and make others laugh.


During this session we will enter our "garden" and we will discover our hidden smiles to help them grow and to cultivate new ones.


  • A basic body and mind warm - up.   

  • Space exploration plus techniques of meditation and relaxation.

  • Games and exercises to create empathy, listening and complicity among the participants.

  • Experiential exercises on the state of innocence of the clown.

  • Laboratory of Art therapy.

  • Clown Biography.

  • Themed improvisation games.

N.B.: You must wear comfortable clothes and socks. Bring a red nose, a towel and a picture of when you were a child.



Duration two days - 6 hours a day for a total of 12 hours.

Maximum number of participants: 15



  • A clean, well-lit room with smooth floor surface, ideally wooden or tiled. 12m x 10m is the minimal room size required.

  • An audio sound system, appropriate to the dimensions of the space, to which it is possible to connect computer or tablet.

  • One mirror of minimum dimensions: 40x60.

  • A Table and 15 chairs.

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